About US

KSIGN HRD Center is a institute established under the Korea International Cooperaton Agency (KOICA) to trained software development professional pesonnel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The trained professional personnel will got a chance to hired from the Korean companies such as Webcash, Ahnlab, K4M, KIBNET, FutureSystem which are the best company in each own's business area. All of training course are free of charge and the trainees in advanced course will be provides a scholarship. Especially, the excellent trainees will going to visit Korea for training of higher technology.

Employee Welfare and Administration

1. Employee Welfare
- Dormitory planned
- Cafeteria for employee
- Welfare fund for house purchase and rental
- Domestic and overseas travel aid
- Job training program in Korea
- School fee support
- Financial aid for family
- Holiday and overtime work allowance
- Insurance for health and fire incident
- Various allowance for annual leave, commuting and communication
2. Administration
- To manage transparent and clear administration using company-wide ERP
3. To maintain dedicated Korean support team in Korea

Contact US

K.S.I.G.N HRD Center in Toul Kork
Tel: 023-99-1314 / 077-77-1236 / 017-988-720